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Goal Getter June 2016

Daily Action Planner - Pink Stripes

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Life is hectic. Chaotic. An expert at making time fly.  We all get wrapped up in life’s demanding requests, and tend to forget what goals we set for ourselves.


Goal Gettertm was designed to keep these goals front-and-center, allowing you to plan your day and your year.  With planning sheets that will help outline your goals, strategizing the big picture can be done in wallet-sized milestones.



Being a Program Manager by day, my career has been focused around project planning.  I’ve quickly learned that the concepts and methodologies used in project managing can easily be applied to achieving personal goals as well.  The planning sheets consist of roadmaps, reflections, and risk mitigation sections to help guide your planning.



- 9 x 10 inches

- approximately 200 pages



- June 2016 - May 2017

- one day per page and combined weekend pages

- objective planning worksheets with monthly reflections & quarterly milestone checkpoints

- each page includes space for daily agenda, tasks, goals, & notes

- weekend includes space for meal prep for following week

- hourly agenda from 6 am - 9 pm

- full month spread

- full year spread

- protective gold corners

- gold monthly tabs

- gold wire-o binding



Goal Getter

Action Planner


 What? is a blog created to capture and share my fashion, lifestyle, and beauty ideas with others.


I've also designed and printed my own day planner.  You can find it on my website as well.



Firstly, I have a passion for writing and putting my pen to paper (well, in this case, fingers to a keyboard). Writing has been my creative outlet for many years, so why not write about my second passion: shopping! From staples to statement pieces, I tend to be on the hunt for them all, and I've found so many great items from other bloggers and product reviews. They've inspired me to document my own style, and hopefully this brings inspiration to others as well.


Why desgin my own day planner? As a busy, full-time, working professional, I needed a way to organize my days. More specifically, I needed a way to plan my days while keeping me on track to accomplish my yearly objectives. I've designed Goal GetterTM to do just that. By taking the time to properly plan, I am now able to stay focused on what I truly want to achieve for the day, month, and year.



My name is Stephanie Lopes, and I currently work in the high-tech industry. I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Business and am always eager to learn more. Not sure if I'll end up going for the PhD, but I'm generally up for anything that will help me grow. I married my best friend in 2012, and we are parents to 3 fur babies.



Born and raised in California. Great place for sun, sand and surf with the occasional rain cloud in the winter. 



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